Professional Hunter Program

N-Vision Optics Professional Hunter Program (PHP) supports select individual(s) within the hunting industry to gather opinions about N-Vision Optic products from the most demanding and qualified users. PHP members will promote N-Vision Optics products utilizing the services they provide as well as their social media platforms. As an owner of a guide or outfitting service or a full-time employee within the hunting industry with significant field time and/or public exposure, you may qualify to join our Professional Hunter Program. Members of the Professional Hunter Program qualify for (see conditions below) special pricing on select products, discounted or free N-Vision Optics branded merchandise and other benefits at N-Vision Optics discretion.

Please fill out the application form and submit your information for a chance to be accepted into our Professional Hunter Program. Submitting your information does not guarantee acceptance to the program. This program requires proof of professional license and/or employment within the outdoor industry as a field employee, as well as individual acknowledgement of the Program Terms and Conditions.

N-Vision Optics reserves the right to terminate any membership, modify and/or discontinue the Professional Hunter Program at any time.

Terms and Conditions of Membership
• Membership is for you, and you alone. Members are strictly prohibited from ordering any product(s) for any persons other than themselves.
• Any abuse of membership will result in immediate and permanent termination of the membership.
• Purchases are for personal use by the Member and may not be resold within one year of purchase.
• Professional Hunter Program pricing is confidential.
• Membership assumes that you will be actively using N-Vision Optics products, demonstrating it to your customers and/or clients and promoting N-Vision Optics products in your social media posts.

Professional Hunter Program Application

By submitting this application, you are acknowledging you have read and understood these terms and conditions.