Police Department in New Mexico

GT-14 monocular have been used in simple warrant arrests, narcotic investigations and practically any everyday (or every night) operation we've run. The GT-14 has been an excellent tool assisting our tactical team and an additional tactical advantage during night operations. While we have not put them against armed assailants, yet, the GT-14 was used during a week-long vandalism surveillance which helped us ID and arrest a suspect accused of thousands of dollars of damage.

Police Department in Maine

...we purchased six GT-14s with the rifle and head mount accessories. We are very satisfied with the performance of this product. The GT-14 is working the way we expected it to work. We use the units behind the EOTech weapon sights and they work extremely well together. After several live fire training exercises, the GT-14 holds up very well, with no image distortion...

California Police Department

...I placed the GT-14 on the lead officer with the illuminator activated because we had no ambient light. We tracked the suspect for ΒΌ mile through the tunnel, checking several smaller tunnels and rooms for the suspect. After two hours in the tunnels, the suspect was found in an anteroom by the K-9. Initially we could not see the dog because the anteroom was about 60 feet away through a 2-foot high tube. However, with patience we were able to use the ambient outside light to assist the GT-14 in seeing the fight between the suspect and the K-9. Once located and bitten by the dog, the bank robber gave up and was handed over to the stunned FBI agents (they never thought we would get him). The call-out lasted about 8 hours and could not have been as successful and safe for the team without the use of the GT-14..

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