AN/PVS-30 Universal Night Sight

  • Ideal for long range sniper systems
  • 120mm Refractive telephoto lens
  • Component of the U.S. Army sniper system

AN/PVS-30 Universal Night Sight

The PVS-30 is a high-resolution Night Vision Clip-On device that mounts on any MIL-STD-1913 rail interface and in front of existing day optics. The PVS-30 is installed, operated, and removed without tools and requires no adjustment to the zero of the day optics.

Built for use with long range sniper systems, the PVS-30 is ideally suited for weapons such as the M24, AS50, and Barrett .50 Cal.



Focus Range

20m to Infinity


120mm Refractive Telephoto Lens

Bore Sight Retention

< 0.5 MOA Over 300 rounds, .300 WIN MAG Firing Schedule

Range (Recognize Standing Man)

Starlight: >800m
1/4 Moon: >1000m

Weapons Certification

Long Range Weapons Such as M24, M2, AS50, Barrett .50 Cal and Similar




Flat Black Matte, Corrosion Resistant



Power Source

One AA Battery of One DL 123 Battery

Battery Life

AA Battery: >24 Hours / DL 123 Battery: >36 Hours


1m for 4 Hours

PVS-30 Specification Sheet Download

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