AKA2 Helmet Mount

  • Vertical, tilt, and force/aft-eye-relief adjustment levers
  • Push button deploy/stow release
  • Horn & dovetail NVG interchangeability

AKA2 Helmet Mount

The AKA2 mount is precision manufactured from high grade metal aluminum alloys to achieve ultimate strength and tight tolerances resulting in the best wobble-free helmet mount on the market. AKA2 features right eye / left eye option for viewing and stowage allows for continued peripheral viewing of NVG system for enhanced safety.

NSN 5855-01-569-7743- TAN,  PVS-7/14
NSN 5855-01-569-7948- BLACK, PVS-7/14
NSN 5855-01-569-7816- TAN, PVS-15/18/21
NSN 5855-01-569-7959- BLACK, PVS-15/18/21


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