Wide Field of View PVS-15

  • 80° FOV
  • Low optical distortion
  • Lighter weight, more compact size as compared to the AN/18/15/21
  • High on-axis resolution limited by I2 tube

Wide Field of View PVS-15

The WFOV (Wide Field of View) PVS-15 night vision binocular features a ground breaking 80° circular field of view without compromising resolution, size, weight, or power consumption (SWaP). Based upon the legacy AN/PVS-15 which is in service with Special Forces Units worldwide, the WFOV PVS-15 has been developed by Kent Optronics using their proprietary foveal objective and eyepiece lenses which provide the WFOV with high near-axis resolution and extremely wide field of view.

At 80°, the WFOV PVS-15 provides double the standard 40° FOV found in most head/helmet mounted night vision devices. The limited 40° FOV restricts off-axis detection and hinders peripheral vision. WFOV PVS-15 greatly enhances situational awareness and operator effectiveness.

WFOV PVS-15 is available as a retrofit for standard AN/PVS-15 systems, or as a brand new WFOV binocular.



Range Focus

25 cm to infinity

Diopter Focus

+2 to -4

Field of View


Eye Relief

15 to 20mm (80˚ to 68˚FOV)


1 AA


105 mm


676 grams with battery (23.8 oz)


20 meters (66 ft)

WFOV Specification Sheet Download

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